Friday, December 27, 2013

The Law Of Energy Balance And How It Affects Weight Loss

If you are overweight and want to get slimmer, I believe you'll want to know how to lose weight. People have many different reasons for having the desire to lose weight. It may be for health, fitness, relationships, career or another reason. However, no matter what your personal reason is for wanting to lose weight, the way to achieve any weight loss goal is based on some fundamental principles that everyone must adhere to.

The first thing that you should do when you want to lose fat is understand the underlying cause of weight gain. The most important factor that you need to learn about is calories. They are in all foods that you consume and their primary function is to be used up as energy by the body. However, when excess calories are consumed they turn to fat and lead to weight gain.

Therefore, in order to understand weight gain and weight loss you need to understand the law of energy balance. The law of energy balance is scientifically proven, it's not a myth. It states that to lose weight you must consume less calories than you burn daily, to maintain your weight you must consume the same number of calories that you burn and to gain weight you must consume more calories than you burn.

With that said, you gained the excess fat that you have because you did not give your body enough time to burn off all of the calories that you consumed at least on some days in your past. Genetics also play a role in the weight gain process but the energy balance law is universal.

According to the law of energy balance you can reverse weight gain by consuming less calories than you burn daily. This is the fundamental principle that you have to understand to lose weight. It sounds simple in theory, but to put this into practice require proper planning, time and persistence. Creating that negative energy balance by where you allow the body to burn more calories than you are putting in is known as a calorie deficit.

Basically, you can create a calorie deficit in two ways. You can reduce a certain amount of calories from your total daily calorie intake and you can burn more calories by giving the body more work to do so that it can use up more calories. The best way to increase the body's work load for burning additional calories is exercising more than you normally do. So this brings us to our conclusion that you need a diet and exercise plan to create a daily calorie deficit to lose fat.

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