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9 Dieting Changes To Make To Lose Weight For The New Year - Make Your New Year Weight loss Resolution Happen

One of many people's top new year resolutions is to lose weight and get a healthier body. Actually, losing weight is all about making diet and lifestyle changes that most people are capable of doing. By doing some simple things with your diet you can lose weight without depriving yourself of food. If you are one of the persons that make an oath to yourself that you are going to lose weight early in 2013, here are some simple things you can do to make this resolution happen.

1. Start Managing Stress, Stop Eating It Away

Most of us can confess to eating food for comfort when we are emotionally disturbed such as stressed, angry or bored despite not being physically hungry. This usually leads to excessive eating which is a major cause of weight gain because it means you're consuming more calories than you need. We also tend to crave for the comfort foods that are high in sugar and fat content because they give the greatest effect in relieving us. Moderate intake of these foods is o.k, but if you become addicted to comfort eating it can seriously lead to over-consumption of these high-calorie foods. Comfort eating can be controlled by selecting healthier ways to cope with your negative feelings such as exercise, spirituality, attending fun events, family and friends. If you find it hard to quit comfort eating, then try to change your comfort foods to healthier ones such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Start Healthy Snacking

We all love to snack for refreshment daily. A snack is anything we eat lightly outside our formal meals. If you've been snacking on the wrong foods last year, consider snacking on foods that are healthier and lower in calories for the new year. You can't go wrong with foods such as fruits, vegetables and healthy nuts as snacks.

3. Make Healthy Fast Food Choices

Most of us grow up eating fast foods. Though we are aware that most fast foods make us fat we are chronically reluctant to stopping eat them. You can however resolute to making healthier choices if you cannot give up fast foods. What you need to do is educate yourself about the content of fast foods you like to eat and the effect they will have on your body. You can then simply avoid the unhealthy items and choose the healthy ones.

4. Include Healthy Foods In Your Meals Which Will Make You Full Faster

This is a very effective and convenient way to lose weight. By eating more foods with the right ingredients which will make you full quickly, the less you'll eat overall without starving yourself.

5. Eat Foods That Will Help Burn Fat

While some foods are very effective at making you fat, there are some foods that possess special properties that will actually increase fat burning in the body. You can get a long list of such foods in this free report which you can download instantly. The common sense approach is to eat more of such foods and less of the foods that make you fat.

6. Start Mindful Eating

Try to not lose focus on your food when eating. You can easily forget yourself and over eat when your mind is not focused on your food. Avoid distractions while eating. Try to avoid eating while doing other activities that will have your mind occupied such as watching TV or reading. As humans we also tend to do things we are accustomed to by compulsion without a direct mental input. You can easily find yourself picking food up to eat without even realising what you are doing.

7. Start Holding Back A Little At The End Of Each Meal

Train yourself to stop eating your meals or snacks right down to the last crumb. This will allow you to get used to stopping eat before you are completely filled up. Once this is done it will send a signal to your body which will help you lose weight.

8. Drink More Tea. 

If you're not used to drinking tea regularly, try changing that this year. Studies found that those that drink green, white or black tea have a lower Body Mass Index and less stored fat than those who do not drink tea.

9. Drink More Water

Drinking more water will help with your weight loss because when you drink water it fills you up and it does not make you fat. Start drinking water in the place of sweet drinks as well as during each meal you'll soon start seeing the pounds dropping.

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  1. nice. i would like to try that too. I just started to workout in order to lose weight but its been so hard to keep the motivation to lose weight. your post helped me to stay motivated


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