Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss And The Diet Plan Jordin Sparks Used To Lose Weight

In 2011 Jordin Sparks impressed many people and even surprised herself by dropping 30 lbs of fat from her body without being on a diet of strict eating limitations. The singing star gives credit to a personal trainer she hired, participating in Zumba and a diet plan of merely controlling how she ate to shed the pounds.

Jordin started off by just making minor changes to her diet and never deprived herself of food in her effort to lose the weight.

In an interview with Access Hollywood she said “My diet has pretty much remained the same, like if I want a piece of bread, I’m gonna have a piece of bread, but I’m making healthier decisions like instead of a bag of chips for a snack, I’ll see if I can find an apple."

Jordin Sparks made it clear that she is against starvation dieting as well as products that promise slim-quick results such as diet supplements.

Jordin instead chose to use the cheap and safe way of controlling her portions to slim down.

She told OK magazine "I don’t deprive myself of anything. If I want to have a brownie, I’m going to have a brownie, but it’s all about food proportion,"

Some of Jordin Sparks favourite foods she ate daily includes yogurt, berries of all kinds, pickles, chicken and a little chocolate.

There you have it, there was no big eating limitation on Jordin Sparks diet plan to achieve her weight loss, and from looking at the pictures of Jordin before and after you can see that her weight loss was pretty impressive.

Not only is Jordin enjoying a much more comfortable and healthier life, her confidence in her physical appearance has boosted to a much higher level.

Jordin's first picture she tweeted of herself in a bikini has been a big deal for her. "For me to even be talking about bikini confidence is crazy, it’s actually huge for me to even feel okay with putting a bikini on,” she told Shape. Click here to learn about a weight loss program that you can use to lose weight effectively while eating well.

More Pictures Of Jordin Sparks Slim


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