Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Reasons Diet Is More Important For Cutting Fat Than Exercise

The purpose of this article is not to proclaim exercise as being unimportant or unnecessary for weight loss, rather it's just to show how important diet is compared to exercise when it comes to losing body fat. A combination of diet and exercise is always the best choice to get the best results, but providing  you focus on diet more than exercise and vice versa I'm pretty sure you will get more impressive results from the right diet to cut down fat.

1. Certain type of foods help speed up weight loss

One of the main reasons diet is so important for losing weight is because you can accelerate fat loss by eating the right foods in the correct way. You can feed your body foods that can boost the function of your metabolism, as well as, induce faster fat loss by eating your meals in a specific pattern such as calorie shifting. Such eating strategies can drastically shed pounds that you won't be able to easily accomplish with exercise.

2. You have better calorie control with diet

With diet you can easily avoid an excess of 1000 calories being stored in your body by simply not eating them. On the other hand if you were to exercise to burn 1000 calories, this would cost you some time out of your schedule and a good workout and sweat. So which way is easier to lose those 1000 calories? Is it by getting a good sweat on an exercise bike or by simply not eating the 1000 calories?

3. You Do Not Have To Make Time For Dieting

You do not have to devote any amount of time for dieting nor special clothing, you just simply have to eat your meals like you normally do and let your body do the rest of the work. All you are challenged with is just sticking to your diet plan. On the other hand, most forms of exercise will require you to be physically active which you will have to devote some time from your schedule for doing.

4. It's Possible To Lose Weight By Diet Alone

It's possible to lose pounds by diet alone with no exercise. But while there are some forms of exercise that can make you lose weight with a more flexible diet plan, you won't be able to accomplish significant weight loss by exercising without controlling your diet.

In conclusion, the best way to lose weight is with a regime that consist of both diet and exercise, but just keep in mind that diet is king when it comes to weight loss. You can eat more of certain foods that can help make you lose fat faster as well.

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