Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is A Metabolic Diet Right For You?

A Metabolic Diet may be the most fun and delicious diet that you'll ever follow to lose weight, but there are some conditions attached to it. It has to fit who you are and how you live. Ask yourself these questions before you consider Jonny Bowden's Metabolic Factor Diet:

1. Do you attach importance to healthy and balanced diet?
2. Are you open to try new things?
3. Are you willing to invest time and energy in your meals?
4. Do you have the ability to be attentive for a while with food, cooking and eating?
5. Are you supported by your family, family environment?
6. Do you have enough discipline to strictly apply the rules for this diet, without exception?
7. Do you have a realistic idea about your target weight and your body?

If so, welcome to the Metabolic Factor diet!

How does it work?

The name of this diet indicates what the goal is: to accelerate your metabolism (or metabolic rate) so that your body uses all the nutrients it receives into energy and healthy cells and not into fat. How can this diet follow through? Through constantly making your body constantly surprise and confuse. Through a thoughtful variety of all food groups (even the infamous carbs), your body will increasingly have to adapt again, work hard and therefore burn fat. For more scientific details on this mechanism, I refer you to check out the program on

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