Monday, June 4, 2012

Reasons Why People Are Obese And Overweight And Some People Remain Skinny

Have you ever wanted to know the reason why some people are obese and overweight, and some other people who seem to have the same eating habits and lifestyles remain as skinny as ever? This is explained further in this article.

Your weight is determined by the number of calories you eat each day minus what your body uses. A calorie is the unit of measurement for energy. Everything you eat contains calories, and everything you do uses calories, including sleeping, breathing, and digesting food.

Any physical activity in addition to what you normally do will burn those extra calories. If you consistently burn all of the calories that you consume in the course of a day, meaning your calorie intake matches your level of physical activity, you will maintain your weight. If you consume more energy (calories) than you use, you will gain weight.

While eating more food than you need for your level of physical activity is the basic cause of weight gain, underlying factors such as genetic makeup and how you were fed as a child have an influence on how fast you gain weight and how fast you're able to lose it.

Environmental factors also greatly influences your tendency to be overweight. One such factor is the availability of high calorie foods which people find it very difficult to avoid.

For instance, if you're a fan of fast foods you are more likely to be overweight, because most fast foods are high in calories and may also be more irresistible, therefore you may eat in high quantities regularly causing excess calories (fat) to build up in your body.

Another environmental factor that can cause you to gain weight is lack of physical activity. People who don't walk or move their body regularly are more prone to fat gain. Example, if your job require you to seat all day, and you also drive to go everywhere, this means that your body is not utilizing enough of the calories that you consume.

Eating disorders and eating to cope with emotional disturbances such as stress also lead to massive weight gain because under such circumstances people may eat excessively, and most likely won't exercise to get rid of the extra calories.

There are many myths and facts about weight gain and weight loss which can be very puzzling for someone who is just beginning to learn.

Nevertheless, if you are overweight or obese and want to deal with the problem be assured that eating healthy meals and getting regularly exercise will deliver positive results.

However, eating in accordance for losing weight does not equate to starving yourself. In fact, the approach of using extremely low calorie diets in an effort to lose weight is strongly discouraged by health experts due to the health risks involved.

If you're aiming to lose weight go for a diet plan that doesn't use the extremely low calorie approach but instead customizes your meals with healthy yet delicious foods so you can achieve weight loss in a convenient way without facing risks of health complications.

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