Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Some people may just want to lose weight but some people may have a good reason to lose weight fast. Maybe for a reunion, a vacation or they're just so frustrated and uncomfortable with having excess fat on their body that they want to find the fastest way possible to get rid of it.

There are hundreds of fast weight loss products on the market that promise to magically make people slimmer. Some of these products may actually deliver impressive results while some may not be very reliable at all.

Whatever is your reason to lose weight fast you should know that you do not have to buy expensive slim fast products which may not even work to shed a few pounds off your body.

You can lose weight fast and easy with the best diet plan to lose weight fast.

Is Low Calorie Diet The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast? 

Many people when aiming to lose weight fast think that an extremely low calorie diet is the best plan. But this is not the best idea. Low calorie diets have their disadvantages as a dieting method for losing weight.

Control of calorie intake is essential for weight loss but this does not mean you have to starve yourself. Starving yourself can have a negative effect on your body's metabolic activity and cause other serious health problems.

Losing Weight Is Much More Complex Than Some People Think 

The process of losing fat in the body is much more complex than responding precisely to a calorie deficit. There are way more variables that come into play.

Such factors include the type of food you eat, the timing of your meals, the metabolic effect of your diet, being able to stick to your diet etc.

Therefore, lowering daily calorie intake and hoping to see the weight start dropping without taking those factors into consideration may not cause you lose weight as you want to.

Why Lowering Calories Daily May Not Always Work To Lose Weight Fast?

Simply lowering your calorie intake may not always work to lose weight. Because your body may not always respond to a mere drop in calories with burning fat, rather your body pays more attention to the type of calories that you consume.

You can lower daily calorie intake but if you eat too much of the wrong calories you'll still gain weight. You see, Your body needs all 3 types of calories, protein, carbs and fat calories.

So if you don't give careful attention to the proportion in which you're eating each type of calorie food you may continue to gain weight despite lowering the total amount of calories you eat on a daily basis.

Some Type Of Calories Can Help Speed Up Weight Loss

We know that excess calories make us fat but do you know that some type of calorie-rich foods can make you lose weight faster? That's true, for example certain types of fat calories can speed up weight loss, while other types of "fat free foods" will actually make you overweight if you eat them too often.

It's one of the reasons so many people find it difficult to lose weight despite making great efforts, it's because they cut out all calorie-rich foods from their diet in an attempt to lose weight fast when some of these foods could actual help the process.

So What's The Technique To Lose Weight Fast?

If you want to lose weight fast then you must learn to eat foods which have fat burning properties, and these are foods which keep your blood sugar level more stable throughout the day.

You see, if you eat foods which cause your blood sugar level to go up too sharply then you'll experience a high energy level for a short while, but then afterwards your blood sugar level will drop way too low and you'll feel tired and lethargic for the rest of the day.

The higher your blood sugar rises after a meal, then the lower it will drop afterward. And when it drops you'll feel tired and hungry all over again.  This is why obese people often suffer from highs and lows in their energy level.

But if you begin eating fat burning foods (which keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day) then your energy will be steady all day long, you'll have plenty of energy and you won't ever feel tired or lethargic.

Also, when your blood sugar level is kept stable then your body's natural fat burning engine will begin burning more fat tissue. That's why these are called "fat burning foods.

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